There is no doubt that during cruises on luxury yachts not only comfort, relaxation or unearthly views are important, but also the safety. Before going on a journey through the blue sea, it’s worth getting to know the conditions on the yacht, as well as the qualification of the crew that will accompany us.

An example of an ideally prepared not only for shorter cruises, but also for a few-week offshore holidays is the La Polonia yacht. This yacht was built in 1999, but in 2014 it underwent a major renovation. Inside there are 5 cabins, including a VIP cabin, in which up to 10 guests can sleep in full comfort. For such a number of people who decide to cruise, a 7-person crew is provided. It does not only care about all the comforts and needs of the people invited to the La Polonia yacht, but it turns out to be indispensable in all organizational matters during the cruise and security. Each of the members of the La Polonia yacht crew has the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience, thanks to which the adventure on the water allows not only an optimal relaxation, but also cruising without the slightest fear.

If you dream about a luxury yacht cruise, pay attention not only to its exclusive equipment, but also to the professionalism of the crew that will accompany you during such a trip. Thanks to this, the adventure on the water will keep unforgettable and positive memories.

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