Spending time on water is an option that enjoys more and more increasing interest. The water itself calms down, soothes the nerves, and puts you in a blissful mood. Peace and quiet, unforgettable views and communing with nature – such attractions can get those who decide for a sailing adventure. If we add comfortable conditions, full comfort and meeting the expectations at the highest level, it turns out that sailing is not only a way of spending time, but a real passion and the possibility of get out off even for a moment from the everyday reality.

La Polonia yacht – spending time

A perfect example of a good time spending on water is the La Polonia yacht. This yacht was built in 1999, and its exclusive interior was designed by the owner. He took into account not only the full ease and comfort of use, but also the representative issues, which made the La Polonia yacht a luxury property. What’s more, this sailing equipment was renovated in 2014, making it one of the most modern forms of relaxation.

La Polonia yacht – specification

In the La Polonia yacht are 5 comfortable cabins, in which 10 people can stay overnight. You have at your disposal a 7-person crew that cares about meeting the needs of the guests. The crew serves meals, takes care of the yacht’s order, provides assistance in various organizational matters, and ensures full safety during the cruise. Sailing in such conditions is full of experience, and all this by maintaining the highest quality standards. This is for sure an unforgettable adventure.

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