46.82 m long, top speed 20.0 kn, 5 comfortable cabins, including 2 VIP cabins and a representative lounge, teak deck – such luxuries can get anyone who decides to take a cruise on the La Polonia yacht. The adventure in the wide waters can perform at once up to 10 guests, who will be spoiled by a 7-person crew.

There is no doubt that a day offshore will bring you a large boost of energy and complete relaxation. It is also an adventure with unearthly views in the background and communing with nature. Nothing calms the nerves like the sound of waves and gentle rocking. If we add luxury to that, which dominates on the La Polonia yacht, it turns out that a day on the water can be like a dream.

Those who want to spend time on the La Polonia yacht can be sure of the full comfort. A 7-person crew will prepare appetizers, a gala dinner and colorful drinks. What’s more, it will take care of all organizational issues and ensure optimal security. Every person who works on the yacht has the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience to make the La Polonia yacht cruise to an only positive impression.

Is it possible to spend a hot day better? There is no competition for the La Polonia yacht. Comfort, luxury, adventure, unforgettable impressions and complete relaxation – that’s what everyone who is on board of this yacht can get. Fulfilling dreams turns out to be so easy to implement. It does not take much to get a wide smile on the faces of those who want to spend time away from land.

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