The most expensive yacht in the world is worth as much as 5 billion dollars. In a large part it is made of dinosaur bones and meteorites. On the deck there are original dinosaur sculptures and a pure gold aquarium weighing 68 kilograms. The value of the La Polonia yacht is estimated at nearly 6 million pounds, which in comparison to the most expensive yacht looks not so good. However, if we take into account its equipment and an exclusive standard, it will turn out that the time spent during the cruise will not be without comfort.

Traveling by the La Polonia yacht is a guarantee not only of luxury and comfort. It is also a guarantee of optimal relaxation and the highest level of security. This is a motor yacht with a length of 46.82 m, which speed on water is up to 20.0 k.n. Inside, there are 5 comfortably furnished cabins, of which two cabins are intended for VIP guests. For people who will board the La Polonia yacht, there is also a representative lounge where gala dinners or entertainment banquets can take place. A great place to relax and play are also the La Polonia yacht decks made of aluminum, covered with the highest quality teak wood. It is also the favorite place for guests who take part in the yacht cruises.

On board of the La Polonia yacht can sleep up to 10 guests, for whom comfort and safety is provided by a 7 people crew. They are pros with the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience, who will not only meet all needs of the guests, but also take care of all organizational issues and security during an unforgettable offshore adventure.

It is also worth noting that although the La Polonia yacht was created exactly 20 years ago, in 2014 it underwent a thorough renovation, and its luxurious interior was designed by the owner himself. As a result, it meets the greatest expectations of users who treat yacht cruises as a form of spending free time, fun, entertainment, relaxation, but do not forget that the La Polonia yacht can be used as a comfortable means of transport in the blue sea. It is adapted to not only for spending one day on it, but also a few weeks.